The Hajar mountain range divides the United Arab Emirates in two parts, from Ras Al Khaimah to Al Ain and Fujairah is the only emirate that lies on the eastern side of the UAE, along the Gulf of Oman

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Fujairah port
Fujairah's main occupation in the past were and now is fishing and agriculture
Fujairah port is an important port for container liners and for the world's largest livestock shipping companies which have set up their main holding station for sheep and cattle

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Fujairah clean beaches
Fujairah have clean beaches, because of that, numerous water sports like swimming, yachting, water surfing and Deep sea fishing attract tourists all round the year
Fujairah Tourism Bureau has the specific task of promoting in bound tourism
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries are planning to build a dam in this area where there is a famous waterfall

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