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UAE Dubai Companies .com is gathering Oil Field Equipment & Accessories, Oil Field Maintenance & Services, Oil Field Necessities,  and related Organizations in U.A.E under one roof

We atre offering: Oilfield Services, Piling & Shoring, General Maintenance, Oil and Gas field Equipment, Oilfield Machineries, Oilfield Supplies and Equipment, Oilfield Accessories, Oilfield Consumables, Safety and fire Equipment, Oil and Gas Field, Diving Support Vessels, Supply and standby Vessels, Offshore Oilfields Pipeline inspection Services, Offshore Subsea Pipeline Maintenance, Oilfield Maintenance of Drilling Rigs, Demolition and Removal of Subsea Structures, Valves Engineering, Valves Pattern making, Valves VOAD Refining, Valves Molding, Valves Cladding, Balls, Gates, Check, Butterfly, Plug Valves, Seamless Pipes, Welded Pipes, Casing and Tubing, Heat Exchanger & Boiler Tubes, Hollow section: Round, Rectangular, Square, Valves, Flanges, X’mas Trees, Casing Heads, Platforms, Pipe racks, Pipe skid, Industrial Plants, Refinery Steel Structures, Marine side fabrication, Oil and Gas storage Tanks, and many more

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