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Roasted-Butter Max is an enzyme modified buttery fat made with butter by Maillard reaction that delivers enhanced cooked buttery flavor and dairy notes to the foods.

Using state of the art equipment and the intense cooked butter flavor, enable Inter Bio Tech, the Swiss Research & Development company, to produce 5X Roasted-Butter Max which can be used at low addition rates to deliver a “home cooked” rounded dairy flavour.

5X Roasted-Butter Max is heat stable making it ideal for micro-wave foods, suitable for the preparation of:
Chocolate products, and etc  .  .  .
For which the characteristic flavor of milky butter is required.
It also delivers a richer, fuller mouthfeel to any low fat foods and the foods made with vegetable oils.
The flavor is obtained by the Maillard reaction which occurs during the cooking of the non fat dry matter of the butter. The Maillard reaction browns the non fat dry matter of the butter and produces natural antioxidant compounds which gives the product higher resistance to oxidation.

Product Characteristics:
5X Roasted-Butter Max is natural contains a standardized level of natural diacetyl and acetoin, both of which are derived strictly through the production. Therefore is an excellent natural replacement for synthetic flavors, and most of all, is Cost saving
Delivering a multidimensional cooked butter flavor with no flavor spikes.
It is heat stable at temperature below 240°C.
Because of its intense flavor it can be used at low addition levels.
It is perceived to provide a richer, fuller and more complex mouthfeel, especially in low fat foods.

Suggested Uses:
Spreads and margarines
Bakery products
Micowave foods, e.g. Dinners and pop corn.
Low fat products

Storage and Handling:
Product is a perishable food. IN order to perverse its pure clean flavor it should be:
Stored below -9°C.
Kept away from odours.
Kept out of direct sunlight.
Used strictly in rotation.
Product is a homogeneous paste that can be used directly from the Pack.
It has a minimum shelf-life of 18 months from the time of manufacture.
Shelf-life under refrigerated conditions (2-4°C) is at least 12 months.

Net Weight: 10.0 kg, in corrugated cardboard outer, sealed in high-density polyethylene.

Full Compositional Analysis will be granted on request
Any question or inquiry, we’ll be happy to assist you
You may call Mr. Dast:
by phone: +971 6 530 40 16 on working days,
Or Mobile: +971 50 158 05 06 during working hours
Or Email: Please contact us via the contact page.  

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