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UAE Dubai is gathering Chemicals Raw Material and related Organizations in U.A.E. under one roof

Home Care Industrial Care Car Care Chemical Products, Hygiene Detergents Disinfectants Products, Universal Paint Products, Tri Chloro Ethylene Methylene Chloride & Per Chloro Ethylene Products, Sabutol Products, Ethanol Methanol Methoxy Ethyl Acetate Butyl Acetate Products, Acetone N-Propyl Acetate Butyl Glycol Products, Xylene & Toluene Products, White Spirit Products, Phthalic Anhydride Products, Meleic Anhydride Products, Coating Products, Adhesive Products, Paint & Ink Products, Oil and Gas Products, Lubricant & Grease Products
Oil Field & Petrochemical Products, Polyester & Polyurethane Products, Flavour & Fragrance Products, Agriculture Feed and Food Beverage Products, Acids, Acetic Acid, Stearic Acid Products, Sodium Hydrochlorite Caustic Soda Products, Ferric Chloride Products, Formalin Products
Polymer SMBS Products, Perfume Industry Products, Leather Distribution Products, Animal Feed Distribution Products, Water Treatment Distribution Products, Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Distribution Products, Petrochemicals Plastics Rubber Products, Paper Products and many more, see what the following companies are offering

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